Review Policy

All of my review will feature the following:

  • Basic information like title, author, and from 12/4/12 on out, setting. 
  • An overall rating between 1 and 10 (1 being "it was garbage" and 10 being "I may try to marry it"). As of 9/29/13, there will be two overall ratings: objective and subjective.*
  • A recommendation to specific kinds of readers, such as "readers looking for a good cry", "mystery fans", "deep thinkers", etc.
  • A summary of any inappropriate content. This is geared more towards those that want to know if it's okay to let younger readers take a swing at the book, or for people that prefer to read "clean" books.
  • A quick summary, such as you might find on the back of a book; in some cases it may actually be the description you find on the back of a book.
  • A basic review of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Overall impression. 
Please take note that any response to a review is perfectly welcome, and feel free to rec a book to me if you would like me to review it, or just think I would like it!

*So what's with the objective and the subjective rating you ask? Well, here's the thing: I'm bound to have an emotional response to every book I read, and it would be a lie to say that this doesn't color the way I review. I don't necessarily thing this is an entirely bad thing, but it doesn't always produce the most helpful review either. In an effort to combat this, I've decided to start including an objective rating that relies more on formula than personal feelings. I haven't quite figured out all of the components in the formula just yet, but when I do, I'll describe them in detail here.

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